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(1) Admission Opens to everyone who are interested to learn the Word of Life in short- term Discipleship Orientation Programme throughout the whole year.

(2) All Graduates are eligible to enrolled in Master Degree Programmes which is offered for home study  Programme through Correspondence Educational scheme.

(3) All Postgraduates are eligible to admit in advanced Research degree programmes through distance education schemes.

(4) Detailed Brochures can be obtained by sending self- addressed Enveloped with Rs 10/- postal Stamp to:-

The Director of Admission.

Discipleship Net Office.

P.O.Box 15 Kohima-797001.

Nagaland : NE India.

Email: dlsanchu@ hotmail.com

Phone No: 09436434974


Many of our Graduates are now efficiently working in various Leadership capacities in different parts around the world such as :-

(a) Bishops and Archbishops in Internationally reputed mission organisations.

(b) Chancellors and Vice Chancellors in many reputed Universities and Institutions.

(c) Chief Executive Officers in various Industrial Business Sectors.

(d) Professors and Lecturers in many Seminaries and Colleges.

(e) Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists,Pastors and Teachers around the Globe.


(a) Our apostolic Credentials are fully validated both Locally and Globally.

(b) All our Credentials are fully Accredited by the BSS-Central Government of India.

(c) Our Discipleship Institute is fully Registered by the State Government under RS Act H/ RS-3715-NL- Gazette- GAB/ RS/3793.  Nagaland, India.