Purpose of Existence

The  Primary Purpose of the Institute  is to make Disciples of all Nations around the world through dissemination of Biblical Education by providing Discipleship Trainings, Research and Development etc (Mtt. 28:18-20). 2.   To fulfil the Great Commission of Christ with the consistent Biblical Integrity in providing the Biblical Education to maintain the separation of the […]


Admission Opens to everyone who are interested to learn the Word of Life in short- term Discipleship Orientation Programme throughout the whole year. All Graduates are eligible to enrolled in Master Degree Programmes which is offered for home study  Programme through Correspondence Educational scheme. All Postgraduates are eligible to admit in advanced Research degree programmes […]

Discipleship Graduates

Our Discipleship Graduates become Job-Providers rather than job-seekers that they will serve with the clear purpose of building up a society based on Equality, Fraternity, Peace and Harmony as fostering to the higher standard of Biblical Ethics and Democratic Values. Since the passion of Jesus Christ has deeply propelled the founder President Dr. D. L. […]

History of Inception

In Perception to the crucial needs of the hour, the Institute  has been imperatively INCEPTED  as a non-profit Religious charitable institution in the year of 1989 to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ  according to  Matthew  28:18-20 and  also adopted to promote the Right to Education Act (RTE Act 2004) of the United Nations […]


1) We shall eat the hidden Manna (Rev.2:17). 2) We shall eat the tree of Life (Rev.2:7). 3) We shall be clothed in white raiment (Rev.3:5). 4) We shall be the pillars in the Temple of GOD (Rev.3:12). 5) We shall sit with Christ on His throne (Rev.3:21). 6) We shall have a white stone […]


1) Our Victory is from the LORD (ICor.15:57; 2 Cor.2:14). 2) Our Victory is through Christ (Rom.7:25; I Cor.15:27). 3) Our Victory is by Faith (Heb.11:33-37; I John 5:4-5). 4) Our Victory is over the devils (Rom.16:20; I John 2:14). 5) Our Victory over the flesh (Rom.7:24-25; Gal.5:24). 6) Our Victory over the world (I […]


Practical Spiritual Warfare’s in the battlefield 1)The Salvation and the Power of the Kingdom of GOD and the Authority of Christ has come to us today since the accuser of GOD’s people who accuses day and night has been thrown away down to the seoul (Rev.12:10;Isa 14:12-15). Now all the Authority in heaven and on earth has […]