In Perception to the crucial needs of the hour, the Institute has been imperatively INCEPTED as a nonprofit Religious charitable institution in the year of 1989 to fulfill the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:18-20 and also adopted to promote the Right to Education Act (RTE Act 2004) of the United Nations and UNESCO as per Education is a
fundamental human Rights and essential for the
empowerment and development of individual and the
Society as a whole.

These instruments promote and develop the Right of every person to enjoy access to Education. Our commitment is to produce an open modular education available to the door-step of all those who are deprived in the society and as to uplift them with emphasis on practical knowledge keeping
in view of the emerging Industrial, Business challenges and Researches globally in different fields.

Our Discipleship Graduates are not Job-Seekers but Job-Providers as they serves with the clear purpose of building up a society based on Equality, Fraternity, Peace and Harmony as fostering to the higher standard of Biblical Ethics and Democratic Values.


The Primary Purpose of the Institute is to make Disciples of all Nations around the world through dissemination of Biblical Education by providing Discipleship Trainings, Research and Development etc (Mtt. 28:18-20).

Since the passion of GOD has deeply propelled the founder
President Prof. Dr. D. L. Sanchu PhD. ThD. LLD. DLitt. DD. Gold Medallion U.S.A. & U.K to introduce an open continuing
education scheme to the working people anywhere around the world in collaboration with other Institutions. Meanwhile he has been serving as Professor-cum-Dean of American Trinity University U.S.A, Deputy Director General of IBC Cambridge England UK, Chief Rector of the British American Autonomous University of Jerusalem, Chairman of World Bishop Council Federation, President of International Human Episcopal Council.


The Distance Education is vitally essential in reaching to the
unreached. The Great Methodist Revival Theologian in 1700s
John Wesley provided home study Method to Educate both Laymen and Ministers to spread the Evangelistic Fires of
Methodism around the world. The Great Bible Commentator
Matthew Henry born in 1662 was privately Educated at Home.
The famous Lawyer-cum-Politician and the 16th American
President Abraham Lincoln was self-Schooled at Home and so we provide:-
a) Distance Education to reach all unreached people,
b) Iconic Honorary Gold Medal Accolades,
c) Royal Chartered Professorship Certification,
d) International Dignitary Awards,
e) Accreditation & Affiliation etc.


As the Purpose of this University is to fulfill the Great
Commission of Christ in serving the Humanity with the best
updated possibility in the new Era of Professionalism, the
Institute has opened a new chapter to Recognise the
distinguished outstanding professional Leaders and honour
them with the Honorary Awards in different field of works to
serve the people more effectively


Originally the conferment of Honorary Award was started by
the Oxford University during the year of 1470 as the first
Recipient was the future Bishop Lionel Woodville of Salisbury and gradually granting honorary Degree became quite common both in Oxford University and Cambridge University in Europe and even it was latter started in the United States of America in the year of 1692 by the Harvard University.


Honorary degree is not academically earned but practically
achieved as all the Honorary Degree Recipients are selected
basing on Recognition of the Individual distinguished
outstanding achievements in the practical field of professional works and remarkable contribution towards the welfare of humanity. And therefore the Recipients of the Honorary degree have their full Legal Rights to use as their Title both in Prefix or Suffix with their individual name as their universal social Title and status because our Honorary Title Award is for a life-long Treasury Heritage and forever Crystal Legacy to all the coming generations too.


There are varieties of traditional Convocations in different
Universities around the world today yet since the selected
Candidates have fully achieved the highest standard of mark in the practical field of works and thus for the best convenient of the selected Candidates, our University use to do all the needful formalities of convocation and send the prestigious legacy honorary Citation Award Package to the Awardees through the first class mailing service that the Recipient collect it conveniently at their own door-step in excellent condition as our University provides the latest modernised distance education system to all the honorees.


In the demands of the good citizens of the planet earth, we
opened a new chapter and serving the people with the facility of honorary Award and the Recipients of our Honorary Awards are from different professions in all Social, Political and Religious sectors such as :- Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors,Teachers, Professors, Academicians, Scientists,Philanthropists, Humanists, Research-Scholars, Singers,Musicians, Physicians, Writers, Educationists, MilitaryOfficers, Judges, Social Workers, Celebraties, Politicians,Presidents, Chancellors, Chief Ministers, Governors,Ambassadors and Professional Leaders around the world etc and etc.

This Institute offers ever the highest Prestigious Internationally Accredited Professional Dignitary Awards for Global Reputed Services around the world without wall.