History of Inception
In realizing to the crucial needs of the hour, the Discipleship Institute for Apostolic Ministries International (DIAMI) was needfully Incepted as a Nonprofit Religious Charitable Institution which is undenominational Full Gospel Bible teaching Agency since organised in the year of 1989 at the State of Nagaland in India to fulfill the needs of our people by providing Promotional Bible Seminars, Discipleship Orientations, Leadership Consultation and Biblical Peace Education Explosion etc for the Healing of the contemporary Society.

Purpose of Existence

1. The Primary Purpose of our DIAMI is to make Disciples of all Nations around the world through dissemination of Biblical Education by providing Discipleship Trainings, Research and Development etc (Mtt. 28:18-20).

2. To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ with the consistent Biblical Integrity in providing the basic Christian Education to maintain the separation of the Church from the State and Paganism (2Cor. 6:17).

3. Learn to Evangelize the lost world more effectively and Disciple the new Believers of Christ by teaching the Word of God in practical way to apply in their lives and ministries (2 Tim 4:2).

4. Committed to provide the practical ways for Discipleship trainings and Church Ministerial Orientation for Edification of the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12).
Motivating and mobilizing the existing Members of the Body of Christ to Commission and deploy the labourers into the Harvest Field (LK. 10:2)

5. Providing a Continuing Education program which is Nationally & Internationally Accredited and locally & globally validated for Christian Ministry around the World by imparting Revelation knowledge of the Word of God and anointing of the Holy Spirit to discover and fulfill God’s will and purpose (2 Tim. 1:6).

6. Facilitating Accreditation and Affiliation to all like-minded Institutions and Ministries for both local and global Validation of the service programmes to produce a full proof of the Ministry (2 Tim. 4:5).

PURPOSE OF DISTANCE & ONLINE EDUCATION :The Distance & Online Education is vitally essential in reaching to the unreached groups of people across the globe. And through our Distance & Online Education programme we have been reaching to many unreached nations by providing:-(a)Distance & Online Education to all Nations.(b)Confers Honorary Accolades to the Professional Leaders.(c)Licensing Chartered Professorship to Renowned Teachers.(d)International Dignity Awards to World Leaders.(e)Ordination and Commissioning more Gospel Workers across the globe.(f)Accreditation & Affiliation to Reputed Organisations around the world.

PURPOSE OF HONORARY AWARDS:As our purpose is solely to fulfill the Great Commission in serving the Humanity in the new Era of professionalism, the Institute has opened a new chapter to Recognise the distinguished people and honour them with Honorary Awards in different fields of works to serve the people more effectively.

HONORARY LEGAL RIGHTS: Honorary Award is not Academically earned but Practically Achieved. Therefore the Recipients of our Worldwide Valid Honorary Degree have their Full Legal Rights to use in their Title both in prefix or suffix with their individual name as their universal social Title and status because our Honorary Title Award is for a life-long Treasury Heritage and forever Crystal Legacy to all the coming generations too.

RECIPIENTS OF OUR HONORARY AWARDS:In the demands of the good citizens of the planet earth, we opened this provision and have been serving the people with the professionally updated Honorary Awards and the Recipients of our Honorary Awards are from different professions in all Social, Political and Religious sectors such as:-Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Academicians, Scientists, Philanthropists, Humanists, Research-Scholars, Singers, Musicians, Physicians, Writers, Educationists, Military Officers, Judges, Social Workers, Celebraties, Politicians, Country Presidents, Chancellors, State Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Mayors and Professional Leaders around the World without Wall.